Let’s Build.

We are the Modular Aluminum Framing Specialists for LEAN Manufacturing and Automation Equipment.

FlexMation serves manufacturing companies by providing custom-designed aluminum framing solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and communication in your production areas. Our sweet spot is designing and building equipment that supports automated and manual assembly areas.


FlexMation + you

At FlexMation, our job isn’t to sell you stuff. We aim to be trusted partners. Allies. We’re not looking for a quick one-time sale, rather we help you identify pain points or areas of opportunity, and then work toward the betterment of your organization. We can help you improve worker and product safety in automated areas, and improve flow of people, materials and information in manual production areas. All of which is hugely important to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

If you’re looking to improve what you’ve got or expand your assembly areas, we can help you reach your goals with equipment that is designed and built to fit your unique needs. How? It all starts with you. Working with you to establish your needs, wants, and goals. Then our Engineers get to work on custom designs that are yours and yours alone.

Ready to get started? Take a few minutes to check out our Custom Services or Components, or visit our eStore for DIY framing, fasteners and accessories.

The bottom line: We help manufacturers make things. Better.