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FlexMation: T-Slot Aluminum Framing Specialists

FlexMation may sell aluminum extrusions and hardware, but we’re more than simply a commodity provider. For customers, we serve as a problem-solving partner who helps them find the right solutions for their needs! No Filler, Just Expertise Fun fact: We’re the only T-slot aluminum framing specialist in the upper Midwest and we don’t carry dozens…
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The exterior of FlexMation's physical location

Visit Our Open House for FlexMation DemoDays 2021!

Exciting news—FlexMation will be hosting an open house and you’re invited! This casual event will be a great opportunity for customers (and anyone else who’s interested) to talk with our team, enjoy some snacks and check out some demonstrations of several cool pieces of machinery. What’s FlexMation DemoDays? Basically, it’s a “kick the tires” event….
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Thoughts about “That 8020 Stuff”

“That 8020 stuff” is something I hear a lot when people are referring to t-slotted aluminum extrusions. T-slotted aluminum extrusions are a popular means to make almost anything industrial duty ranging from fixtures and frames to guards to workstations. Flip through pretty much any trade magazine and you will likely come across a picture showing…
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In our previous article, we discussed how Smart Klaus technology can be used for Assembly Assistance. In this entry, we’ll examine how it can be used to improve the Final Inspection process.

Improving Final Inspection in Manufacturing

Rework is annoying and drains manufacturing companies of time, money and resources. Fortunately, it can be effectively reduced with lean principles. If your aim is to decrease rework, it’s imperative to focus on three areas: Incoming Goods Inspection Assembly Assistance Final Inspection In our previous article, we discussed how Smart Klaus technology can be used…
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An employee assembling a product with the help of Smart Klaus.

Reducing Manufacturing Errors Through Assembly Assistance Technology

Rework is maddening and wastes time, money and resources for manufacturing companies. Fortunately, it can be virtually eliminated through lean principles. If your goal is to reduce rework, it’s essential to focus on three areas:  Incoming Goods Inspection Assembly Assistance Final Inspection In our previous article, we discussed how Smart Klaus technology can be used…
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Photo of a room with a lot of machines and customized work stations provided by Flexmation with two people sitting in the special work places.

Reducing Errors in the Incoming Goods Inspection Stage of Assembly

Do you hate rework? Of course, you do. It’s frustrating, to say the least! Time, resources and money are wasted when companies need to fix errors made during the manufacturing process.  3 Key Areas of Error-Reduction in Manufacturing Lean manufacturing methodology can be applied to most companies to improve safety, wellbeing, productivity and workflow. For…
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lady smiles as she uses the Smart Klaus

Using Error-Proofing Tools to Achieve Perfect Manufacturing

Precision is everything in manufacturing. Customers want products that are accurate to their exact specifications and they want them done right the first time. On top of all that, customers want things done on-time, often within tight deadlines. Fortunately, we don’t have to do everything manually these days. You now have the option to use…
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large work stations that are customizable with shelves, visual management options, lights, and drawers.

How Better Workstations Can Improve Your Business

It’s important to consider the work environment you’re providing at your company. Do you want an open ecosystem that fosters flow and collaboration? A place where employees have enough separation to privately focus on their work? Something completely different than both of these? Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. But the truth is…
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Unex Gravity Conveyer

Updating Conveyors to Improve Material Flow in Production Environments

Production is busy, and sometimes it can feel chaotic. To make things easier, many companies use manual conveyors to transport materials (parts, bins, pallets, etc.) throughout their production areas and warehouses. Conveyor fixtures can be installed on workstations and flow racks to move products between stations more efficiently and make picking and handling processes quicker….
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Hovmand lifter carts image large

5 Things Lifting Trolleys Can Help You Move

Lifting trolleys (or lifting carts) are extremely valuable in a variety of work environments. They combine powerful lifting ability (starting at 150 lbs.) with easy movement to help manage a variety of different loads. You want to make sure you keep your crew happy, healthy and productive? A great start is to increase their lifting…
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