Custom Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing. Let’s Build.


Design + Build Specialists

We’ve been the upper midwest specialists in custom equipment for more than a decade, helping folks like you who are looking for continuous improvement in safety, productivity, wellbeing and flow.

Improving processes is a way of life in this industry, and our custom solutions offer flexibility and reconfigurability to grow and change with your organization for years to come.

The FlexMation Proven Process

FlexMation's Proven Process


Listen. Summarize. We discuss your goals, needs and wants for the project and, together, we review the environmental limitations and establish timeline and budget.

Here’s a secret…No two manufacturers are alike. Even if you’re outputting the same type of product, your values, process and people are going to be different from your biggest competitor and the small-town startup. So why would we try to prescribe one solution for all? Answer: We wouldn’t. We embrace the uniqueness of your business and help define what improved productivity means to you. We ensure the end result meets your specific needs rather than making do with a “one-size-fits-all” approach.


Design. Review. We’ll start with a preliminary drawing and bill of materials (BOM). You’ll have a chance to review and make adjustments and approve for us to move forward with the project.

Our in-house engineering designers are involved from the very beginning. Each project starts with a conversation with you about your assembly areas and your business goals, visiting the site when needed. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, ergonomics or even aesthetics, we bring helpful suggestions and ideas to get the ball rolling. Once we have the idea, our engineering designers get to work creating a custom design for your application. You’ll be involved throughout the process, providing ideas and input and reviewing drawings as we go.


Machine. Build. Once the design has been approved and finalized, our team moves your project into production. We’ll source the needed product, cut/machine/modify as needed and build it to the agreed-upon design.

We fabricate and assemble all projects in our Burnsville, MN facility. Then we ship it out, fully assembled. All you have to do is load it in, load it up and get to work. Your time is important and you shouldn’t have to spend it putting together a complex kit of parts. (Unless you love the hands-on approach, in which case, we can work with that. Just ask for a kit instead!)


On-time. On budget. We’ll package everything up and arrange for shipping. But it doesn’t end there. We’ll check in with you after the job is done to ensure the project lives up to your expectations and whether you’ve achieved the results you were aiming for.

Custom Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing

At FlexMation, we aim to be trusted partners. Allies who advance your manufacturing performance. Simply put: We help you do your job better, safer, faster and smarter.

We manufacture custom aluminum extrusions and create beautiful custom workstations, FIFO racks, carts and other equipment to improve productivity and safety in manufacturing, industrial and high-tech environments. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you get there. Ready? Let’s build.

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